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Pinc Foundation
PincGiving was founded by Beverley Claire Pomeroy as a living legacy for her daughter Sophia. Sophia was born with a life limiting illness and requires constant medical care and utilizes many resource facilities within her community.

Having been on the receiving end of philanthropy, Bev was inspired by those charitable organizations and felt it would be fitting to give back by supporting Not for Profits in kind. A portion of Pinc Productions Inc revenue goes towards the Pinc Foundation, a registered society in British Columbia, Canada. We don’t ask for your donation and we don’t compete for funds from your donors. Our Pinc Productions profits are put to work at Pinc Foundation.

The Greek name Sophia means wisdom; Pinc’s logo, the olive branch, symbolizes peace and friendship. Through the wisdom of experience, and the enduring support of friendships and peace, the Pinc Foundation welcomes the opportunity to serve. Pinc Foundation was created as a living legacy for Sophia who has inspired giving back as her gift to all of us.

Pinc Foundation helps you to re-introduce benevolence into our communities here and abroad.