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Will You Give a Child Hope?

Tumaini Fund USA is a non-profit charity supporting AIDS orphans and widows in the Kagera region of Tanzania. There are an estimated 200,000 orphans in this area. Tumaini means “hope” in Kiswahili and the Tumaini Fund is bringing hope for a future by improving the living conditions, health, nutrition, and providing the means for a proper education.  This faith-based organization aims to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Biblical imperative to care for widows and orphans.

Dr. Susan Wilson, founder and CEO of the TF, traveled to Naples, FL in 2008 to visit friends from her hometown of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. While in Naples, Dr. Wilson introduced Tumaini to a local church group. From that small gathering, interest in this extraordinary ministry grew among a handful of Episcopalians and this passion led to the establishment of Tumaini Fund USA. 

Tumaini Fund USA is now a Naples-based organization led by a dedicated Board of Directors with a mission to expand this charity in an effort to support all 200,000 orphans in the Kagera region of Tanzania.

Doug Burke, President of Tumaini Fund USA, states “Because we are a small organization and supported by local Anglican dioceses in Kagera, more than 97 percent of the funds collected go to the children and their communities. Those who manage our efforts on the ground in Africa are wonderful stewards of the funds we entrust to them. Hope for these deserving children is in the hands of the people of Naples and other communities all across the country”