Passion Project: Byrne Creek Fundraising

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Pledges Received: $67.85 CAD

Goal: $500.00 CAD

Percentage Donated: 14%

  • $500.00
  • $400.00
  • $300.00
  • $200.00
  • $100.00

Byrne Creek Community Secondary School is a unique educational institution where over 20% of the students are immigrants/ refugees and make up an extremely diverse population of individuals needing extra curricular support.

In partnership with Byrne Creek the Passion Foundation is running a program for 10 young women from 9 countries (DRC, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Afganastan, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Eritrea, Canada, and Saudi Arabia) .  The school is in need of additional support to make this happen.

Our goal of raising $500 will go to providing the young women with our leadership training books and training.  In addition some of the funds will be to assist the young women in creating their community project within the next three months. Bryne Creek is providing the space, facilitation materials, snacks and the Passion Foundation will cover the remaining costs.

The program runs every morning at 730am (time was decided by the young women in the group) for the next 7 weeks.

Project descriptor:

Passion Projects provide girls with 14 hours of group training designed to assist participants in discovering their inner leadership skills, create strong positive community skills, and earn hours for their educational requirements.

How it Works: Our trained, professional program leader meets with the a group to provide the hands on  seven-step Passion Projects program provides girls with leadership skills, strength and confidence by focusing on the Elements of SUCCESS:

-       Self-exploration
-       Understanding limitations
-       Courage to change
-       Cooperation through community
-       Evaluation of needs
-       Skill development
-       Service into the community


After the project training is completed the girls create a community project using various art mediums to give back to their community and solitify their leadership skills.